Ditch The Cricut It’s Time For Silhouette Cameo

by slideman on August 9, 2011

I’d like to present my new companion today, Silhouette Cameo. This device has been long awaited by those of us in the crafting community and most of us finally recognize when we can have it! But first permit me to convey to you the way in which we got here.

A few years back Provo Craft launched the Cricut machine. That was innovative to the craft sector and these days you can discover the Cricut machine virtually everywhere.

Nevertheless the makers of this appliance truly fell short of the mark with its proprietary functionality. You have to buy and utilize Cricut cartridges. These can get expensive and you really are constrained to somebody else’s graphics.

Then along came the Silhouette. The Silhouette machine undoubtedly tackled this design flaw with full featured and totally free design software. The sky was the limit using the Silhouette SD, provided that the sky was no greater than nine inches wide. This is the main drawback of the silhouette machine. The Cricut Expression type could cut twelve inches wide making it a feasible alternative for cutting scrapbooking paper that the Silhouette could not.

After some time third party organizations came around and created computer software to interface the Cricut with your personal computer making it perform much like the Silhouette SD but with larger cutting ability. This made the Expression a force to be reckoned with. But nevertheless Provo Craft decided they didn’t like that for some reason and sued until the third party companies agreed to not work on the Cricut anymore. This left a great void in the markets no doubt.

But then the heavens opened up in mid July 2011 and the crafting Gods poured out a superb blessing on the crafters of the world….

Enter the Silhouette Cameo.

Silhouette America used all of the terrific things about the Silhouette SD and placed them into a brand new machine known as the Cameo. Needless to say adding a few upgrades as well. Most notably is the much greater cutting potential. The Silhouette Cameo cuts a full twelve inches wide and will cut several materials up to ten feet long! Wow! The Cameo is the machine of all machines. Providing Silhouette doesn’t go making any silly moves like Provo Craft this could well be the last cutter you ever buy.

The Silhouette Cameo has been needed by the crafting market place for some time now, but desperately for the last few months. Now if we can all just make it until it is available to purchase in October, it could be a long few months.

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